Wednesday, June 4, 2008

La vie en rose

18k gold necklace with Pink Topaz and Pearl
Design: Christine v. Schönburg

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fashion wisdom from Yves Saint Laurent

Some quotes carrying fashion wisdom from the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died Sunday, all attributed to the Foundation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent:

_ "I participated in the transformation of my era. I did it with clothes, which is surely less important than music, architecture, painting ... but whatever it's worth I did it." (2002)

_ "I always believed that style was more important than fashion. They are rare, those who imposed their style while fashion makers are so numerous." (1993)

_ "The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves. But for those who haven't had the fortune of finding this happiness, I am there." (1983)

_ "I tried to show that fashion is an art. For that, I followed the counsel of my master Christian Dior and the imperishable lesson of Mademoiselle Chanel. I created for my era and I tried to foresee what tomorrow would be." (1983)

-"The street and me is a love story. 1971 is a great date because, finally, fashion took to the street." (1971)

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We go in search of a dream

Fiona Rae’s new work is a mix of styles and stories, not surprising for an artist with an anything-goes type of attitude. A childhood spent in Hong Kong, Indonesia and England is reflected in work that has touches of Eastern influence. Rae pulls together elements from a variety of techniques such as calligraphy and bubblegum pop, adds a wash and a whole lot of movement, and the result is work that is at once cloyingly sweet and mysteriously dark in undertone.

Artist: Fiona Rae

Spondylus, the Mayan's sacred shell

18k red gold and Hematite necklace with Spondylus shell and Mother of Pearl.
Design: Susan Pearson and Christine v.Schönburg

Pendant from "Le grand Bleu" collection

18k gold pendant with White Coral, Imperial Topaz and Pearl.
Design: Christine von Schönburg